SASNY Scholars Attend the International Young Scotland Program

2012/2013 Saint Andrew's Scholars Christopher Crosbie and Maria Brackin with SAS member Alan McIntyre (l-r)

In June 2013 Saint Andrew’s Society was invited to send two delegates to the International Young Scotland Program held in North Queensferry, Scotland.   The ‘Young Scotland’ program typically brings together around 30 young Scots for 3 days of debate, presentations and group work. The intent is for students to take time out of their normal lives to reflect on issues of importance to society, encourage them to think for themselves, and hopefully expand their minds a little as future leaders of Scottish society.

“Among this group were Chris Crosbie and Maria Brackin, our two St. Andrews Scholars studying in Scotland. Both Chris and Maria made valuable contributions to the program and were a credit to the St. Andrew’s Society of the State of New York. As a native born Scot, it was intensely gratifying to hear the group’s personal reflections about life in Scotland. Some had clearly endured discrimination and many had suffered at the hands of petty bureaucrats, however, the overwhelming view played back to us was of Scotland as a welcoming, tolerant and caring society. I must admit that the Scotland that they described wasn’t always a country I recognized, but it was heartening nonetheless to hear the stories and be able as Burns suggested to see ourselves as others see us. I look forward to future St. Andrews scholars being valuable contributors to future International Young Scotland programs, the second of which will take place next spring.”

Submitted by Society member, Alan McIntyre